Environmental Archaeology CPD

Our training course in Environmental Archaeology, run by EAI with the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland, is coming up soon (Wednesday 15th March).

The aim of the one-day course is to highlight the importance of recovering and studying
environmental remains from Irish archaeological sites. These studies can make a huge contribution to our understanding of the interaction with and the impact on the environment of past peoples.
The course will introduce participants to a range of environmental remains:

i) Micro plant remains as proxies, principally pollen.
(ii) Plant macro remains of wood and charcoal.
(iii) Plant macro remains of fruits, seeds, and grains.
(iv) Micro faunal remains principally the insects.
(v) Soil micromorphology: a principal technique of the geoarchaeologist.
(vi) Phytoliths and dental calculus.

Sampling strategies will also be discussed.

See the IAI website for more details.

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