First EAI seminar of 2022

Our next seminar in the series (and our first in 2022) will take place online on Thursday 27th January 2022 from 7pm to 8.30pm (Dublin time).

We will feature short presentations and discussion on the development of the new zooarchaeology sampling guidelines from TII (download here). The presentations will be by Dr Fiona Beglane (Lecturer, IT Sligo; chief editor of the new guidelines) and James Eogan (Senior Archaeologist, TII). The discussion will be chaired by Mick Monk (retired, formerly Department of Archaeology, University College Cork).

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Speaker 1: James Eogan, Transport Infrastructure Ireland.

Title: TII and Environmental Archaeology: Collaboration, Quality and Dissemination

Bio: James Eogan is a Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) Senior Archaeologist. As Project Archaeologist he has managed archaeological services contracts on many TII-funded road schemes over the past two decades. He coordinated the preparation of the TII Paleoenvironmental and Zooarchaeological sampling guidelines. In this presentation, he will set out the reasons why TII values the contribution of environmental archaeology and some of the lessons that have been learned.

Speaker 2: Dr Fiona Beglane, IT Sligo

Title: An Introduction to the Zooarchaeological Sampling Guidelines: Best Practice for the Treatment, Analysis and Curation of Animal Bones from Archaeological Excavations

Bio: Dr Fiona Beglane is a lecturer at the Institute of Technology, Sligo, and a consultant zooarchaeologist. Her research focuses mainly on medieval archaeology, the archaeology of hunting, the use of scientific techniques in archaeology and in community archaeology.

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