‘Food and Drink in Ireland’: New Publication By The Royal Irish Academy

The editors of the Royal Irish Academy Journal: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Section C Archaeology, Celtic Studies, History, Linguistics and Literature have commissioned the publication of their special edition of ‘Food and Drink in Ireland’, which will be out the end of April 2016.

The publication is edited by Elizabeth Fitzpatrick and James Kelly.
Paperback. ISBN: 978-1-908996-84-8

This multi-disciplinary collection of fourteen essays explores the collection, cultivation, consumption and culture of food and drink in Ireland from the beginnings of settlement in the Mesolithic to the present day. One of these essays ‘Food plants, fruits and foreign foodstuffs: The archaeological evidence from urban medieval Ireland’ by Susan Lyons, discusses the archaeobotanical evidence of foodstuffs in medieval Ireland, with particular reference to urban centres dating from the 9th to the 14th centuries AD.

More information on the book and how to order a copy can be found on the Royal Irish Academy website: https://www.ria.ie/publications/books/history/food-and-drink-Ireland

The book will be presented at the Kerrygold Ballymaloe Litfest of Food and Wine May 20-22 2016, in the Ballymaloe Cookery School, Shanagarry, Co. Cork.
Further information on the event can be found on: http://www.litfest.ie/

Some contributors to the book, including Susan, will form part of a panel discussion on Food and Drink in Ireland, chaired by Ruth Hegarty (publisher with the Royal Irish Academy), which will be held in The Carrigaun Room at the Grainstore, Ballymaloe, Sunday 22 May 11am to 12pm.
More details on this particular event can be found on: http://www.litfest.ie/events/food-and-drink-Ireland.

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